Is this site mostly for information or buying?

The answer is “both and.” You are welcome to buy online here if you are in the USA. If you prefer to use Amazon or another vendor, that’s your choice. We’ve provided links to Amazon in the USA and UK for your convenience.

How do I use the coupons?

Go to the coupon page to see which one will suit you best. The more you spend, the more you save when you select a coupon code. When you check out, assuming you have reached the discount threshold, when you apply the coupon code, your order will automatically reduce by the percentage value.

Do you offer coupons as gifts for a third party?

No, not at this stage.

Why is your range of books so specific?

This is an information and sales portal mostly intended for books produced by Great Writing Publications and for books that have been edited by Great Writing or that are in a special relationship with Great Writing. You may find out more about Great Writing HERE.